About the campaign

World PI Week offers an opportunity to inform and educate health policy-makers, schools and families, and the general public about primary immunodeficiencies (PI) to drive the earliest possible diagnosis and optimal treatment. Through events and activities promoting the warning signs of PI, the global PI community can unite to bring about positive changes in healthcare systems and practices around the world in support of people living with PI.


What are the objectives of World PI Week?

  • To drive recognition of primary immunodeficiencies (PI) as an increasingly important group of diseases
  •  To increase recognition of PI amongst the medical profession as well as parents, school teachers, day care centre employees, researchers and nurses to increase the understanding of these diseases and promote early diagnosis
  • To encourage health authorities to use existing awareness materials produced by JMF, IPOPI and other stakeholders to promote the timely diagnosis and treatment of  people living with PI
  • To promote the model of combining physician education and global awareness with the infrastructure to diagnose and treat PI worldwide
  • To stimulate efforts to improve the recognition, diagnosis, treatment and quality of life of people with PI world-wide

What is the Mission of World PI Week?

  • Create a ‘global’ movement around PI and a central platform around which all local and national players can build
  • Bring together, empower and engage all global stakeholders in the PI cause (patients, nurses, physicians, scientists, allied health professionals, and industry)
  • Create and maintain a  World PI Week ‘brand’ with a wealth of template materials which can be easily adapted to local needs e.g. activity ideas, press releases, letters to key decision - makers, posters.
  • Provide a central repository for World PI Week best practice including reports, case studies and material which showcases the impact of the day around the world and encourage all stakeholders to be active
  • Stimulate international and national advocacy towards governments  by providing  grassroots ‘lobbying’ tool kits with necessary material and argumentation to encourage local campaigning  to recognise PI as a priority worldwide
World PI Week Steering Committee:
John G. Boyle – IDF
Julie Birkofer – PPTA
Prof. Bousfiha from Casablanca, Morocco – ASID
Prof. Aziz Bousfiha – ASID
Jose Drabwell - IPOPI
Jose Drabwell – IPOPI
Johan Prevot – IPOPI
Johan Prevot – IPOPI
Prof. Antonio Condino-Neto – LASID
Carla Duff – INGID
Richard Thompson
Richard Thompson – Immunodeficiency Canada
Vicki Modell - JMF
Vicki Modell – JMF
Dr. Francesco Espinosa – LASID
Prof. Andrew Cant – ESID
Adli Ali – SEAPID
Elena Hsieh – CIS
Dr Mehdi Adeli – ARAPID
Prof Yu-Lung Lau – APSID