22nd-29th April 2023

#GoZebra in Sweden

All Day
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The campaign #GoZebra is organized in Sweden during World PI Week. Members, families, friends and companies walk and collect minutes that are converted into hours. If 700 walking hours are reached during the week, the sponsors of the campaign will donate a total of SEK 25,000 to PIO’s activities aimed at spreading more information about primary immunodeficiency diseases. Everyone who takes part in the walk is invited to publish information on primary immune deficiencies in social media and to challenge their friends to participate to help collect minutes.

Several of PIO’s local departments organize various activities during WPIW such as common zebra walks, information tables in hospitals and corporate fairs.

Why the Zebra? The zebra is used to explain and spread knowledge on rare diseases. If you hear the sound of hooves, it is natural to think of a horse, but what if it actually is a zebra coming? Search for the unusual, it can be a primary immunodeficiency!best Running shoesAir Jordan

#GoZebra in Sweden