22nd-29th April 2021

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The petition relates to our Global Primary Immunodeficiencies (PI) Call to Action, which asks governments around the world to take steps to  understand, diagnose and manage Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases in their respective countries.

You can also add your story to the World PI Week story book. 

Use the buttons below to see what we’re asking governments to do, and endorsed the Call to Action with other individuals, patient organisations, governments and medical professionals.

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NameAffiliationCountryI am a...
Christine Chevalier France Patient / carer
Jessie PID Care China China Patient / carer, Supporter
Melanie A. Daniel Desert Skies #309 United States Patient / carer
Andrew James CHAPLIN United Kingdom Supporter
Maribel Abadía-Mangual Puerto Rico Patient / carer
Mary Cowley United States Patient / carer
Carleena Allred Association IDF; Ultimate Medical Academy United States Patient / carer, Supporter
JoAnne USA Patient / carer, HCP
Ahmed Seri Ibrahim Mohamed Sudanese Society of Clinical Immunology and allergy Sudan PI stakeholder
Pearl Sims Australia Patient / carer
Roberta Anido de Pena Asociación Ayuda al Paciente con Inmunodeficiencia Primaria Argentina PI stakeholder
Silvia Argentina PI stakeholder
Neeley Cranford 1978 United States Patient / carer
Erez Livneh Israel Patient / carer
Tracey Vonsick Canada Patient / carer
Popovici Lacramioara Arpid România Patient / carer
Nadina Wright Takeda USA Supporter
lem giap seng Malaysia Supporter
Camelia covaciu Brasov Romania Patient / carer
Damian Sibiu Romania Patient / carer
Akiko Omura USA Patient / carer, HCP
Ayhan Gülssn Sucak Can Sucak Candan Bişeyler Foundation Turkey Patient / carer, HCP, Supporter
Pascu Gabriela Romania Patient / carer
CARMEN COSTEA romania Supporter
Teresa Vidal Australia Supporter
Carolyn Australia Supporter
Annie Thomsen Australia Supporter
Luciana Minea ARPID Romania Patient / carer
Michelle O’Neill Supporter Australia Supporter
Regina Britton USA Patient / carer