22ndApril - 1st July 2020

**In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the World PI Week Board has taken the decision to extend in time the campaign to protect public health and the health of PID patients. World PI Week 2020 will start on 22 April and run until July 1: 10 weeks of campaigning for the 10 years’ anniversary**

In 2020, World PI Week celebrates its 10th anniversary. 10 years of collaboration and awareness raising across the globe. The 2020 campaign is therefore all about celebrations.

Celebrating life and what keeps the primary immunodeficiency community moving forward.

  • Celebrating the lives of patients and carers, and their expectations for the future of primary immunodeficiency diagnosis, care and treatment
  • Celebrating positive research outcomes and the never-ending search for innovative diagnostics, treatments and cures
  • Celebrating an ever-growing understanding of primary immunodeficiencies and patient needs for specialised treatment
  • Celebrating the efforts undertaken worldwide by patients and patient organisations, families, physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals, policymakers, industry, schools and many other actors to improve outcomes for people living with the diseases
  • Celebrating the aspirations of a community that, together, thrives for greater awareness of primary immunodeficiencies, early diagnosis, availability and access to treatment and care worldwide, resulting in better quality of life: 
    • National strategies that address primary immunodeficiency in all parts of the world
    • Newborn screening for severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) rolled out in all countries and cross-national exchange of best screening practices
    • Universal access to safe, life-saving treatments, like immunoglobulin therapy, and other innovative therapies
    • A sustainable, high-quality supply of human plasma and increased worldwide plasma collection
    • Patient-centred healthcare systems and a multi-disciplinary approach to the care of patients; integrated health and social care services
    • Patient-centred policy making, involving patients and patient organisations in decision-making related to health, social care and research 
    • Increased awareness, understanding and recognition of primary immunodeficiencies as chronic diseases at policy, medical and societal levels 
    • Expanded national or regional primary immunodeficiency patient registries worldwide and data collection; and enlarged multinational clinical trial

Find all materials and resources here.

Read the outcome report of the campaign here.

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