22nd-29th April 2021

World PI Week focuses each year on an important topic or challenge surrounding primary immunodeficiency, to increase awareness, understanding and bring about change in policy and healthcare practice.


In 2020, World PI Week celebrated its 10th anniversary. 10 years of collaboration and awareness raising across the globe. The campaign was therefore all about celebrations.

Celebrating life and what keeps the community moving forward. Celebrating 10 years of solidarity, successes and expectations for the future of primary immunodeficiency diagnosis, care and quality of life worldwide.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and to mark the anniversary year, the campaign started on April 22 and run for 10 weeks until July 1. Recognizing World PI Week came with additional meaning in the COVID-19 context.

More information here. The outcome press release is available here


World PI Week 2019 put the spotlight on the importance of a holistic approach to patient-centred care, in order to improve the care and quality of life of patients and their families around the world.
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Read the World PI Week 2019 campaign outcome press release here


In 2018, World PI Week focused on early testing and diagnosis: “My future starts with early testing and diagnosis of primary immunodeficiency”.
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In 2017, World PI Week highlighted the need to ensure access to life-saving immunoglobulin therapies for people with primary immunodeficiency worldwide.


The year 2016 brought the topic of access to care at the forefront of the campaign: “Into action: Improving access to optimum care for all primary immunodeficiency patients”.


In 2015, World PI Week drew attention to the importance of vaccination and immunoglobulin treatment for patients with primary immunodeficiency diseases.


In 2014, newborn screening was the main theme of the World PI Week: “A call for newborn screening to test for severe combined immunodeficiencies”.


The 2013 World PI Week theme was “Primary Immunodeficiency: Turning Hope into Action!”


In 2012, World PI Week focused on access to appropriate treatment.


2011 marked the first World PI Week, and put the spotlight on primary immunodeficiency disease globally under the theme “Let’s talk about PI!”
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