22nd-29th April 2022

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Here you’ll find many campaign materials of the World PI Week, including general materials and those for annual campaigns

REMEMBER: World PI Week materials may not be used for commercial purposes. Reproduction and use of the materials, whether in paper or electronic media or other form, is only authorized for personal and non-commercial use and in support of activities related to the World PI Week.

The World PI Week committee sincerely thanks all the healthcare professionals, patients and their families who gave consent for the use of their pictures in the campaign materials 2022 including Vittoria and Eleonora, Bodo, Sary, Jake and Megan, Riley, Wyen, Zhang Yue as well as the St. James’s Hospital clinical immunology medical, nursing, and scientific staff.


Translations of these materials (including advocacy materials) in various languages are available in the ‘Local resources‘ section. If you need an additional translation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We will gladly help you out.