22nd-29th April 2024

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  • IDF’s Consulting Immunologist Program provides physicians the opportunity to consult with expert clinical immunologists about patient specific questions and obtain valuable diagnostic, treatment and disease management information. 
  • The LeBien Visiting Professor Program promotes improved medical knowledge by offering teaching hospitals the services of a leading clinical immunologist to lead Grand Rounds and other educational activities for their healthcare professionals. 
  • The IDF Online Course for Nurses is a free, accredited course for U.S. nurses designed to enhance a nurse clinician’s knowledge of primary immunodeficiency and immunoglobulin treatment. 

Diagnosis of primary immunodeficiencies

From genotype to phenotype – further studies

Prognostic Factors for Improved Health-Related Quality of Life…

Safety and Supply of Immunoglobulin Products Outside Europe

Four Stages of PI Testing


Subcutaneous ImmunoglobulinTherapy

The facts about Plasma

The facts about Plasma collection

Becoming a Plasma donor

Leaflet on autoimmunity and autoinflammation

Leaflet on plasma derived therapies

Leaflet on Vaccines and PI

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