Sample Tweets and Posts

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See below sample tweets and posts that you can use to show your support to World PI Week on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

#PrimaryImmunodeficiency said to affect over six million people worldwide. Help raise awareness on PI @WorldPIWeek 2017

70 to 90% of #PrimaryImmunodeficiency sufferers remain undiagnosed. Help raise awareness on PI. Celebrate @WorldPIWeek on 22-29 April

Join our call to improve early diagnosis, appropriate treatment, and management of #PrimaryImmunodeficiency. Celebrate @WorldPIWeek on 22-29 April

Safer, more efficient and appropriate treatments and optimum care for #PrimaryImmunodeficiency patients throughout the world @WorldPIWeek

#PrimaryImmunodeficiency patients require continuous access to immunoglobulin replacement therapies. Join @WorldPIWeek on 22-29 April

Immunoglobulin replacement therapies should be made available to all #PrimaryImmunodeficiency patients worldwide. Celebrate @WorldPIWeek on 22-29 April.

All #PrimaryImmunodeficiency centers should have access to a wide spectrum of IgG products in order to provide optimal care to patients @WorldPIWeek, 22-29 April.

Ensuring availability and optimal dosing of IgG to enhance #PrimaryImmunodeficiency patients’ quality of life. Join @WorldPIWeek on 22-29 April.

Test.Diagnose.Treat. Raise awareness on #PrimaryImmunodeficiency. Join @WorldPIWeek on 22-29 April

#Patients in need should receive hematopoietic stem cell transplantation or gene therapy regardless of where they live @WorldPIWeek