22nd-29th April 2019

The network of PI stakeholders is vast and spans the globe.

See below for a list of patient groups and steering committee members.

World PI Week Steering Committee

John G. Boyle – IDF

Mat Gulick – PPTA

Prof. Bousfiha from Casablanca, Morocco – ASID

Prof. Aziz Bousfiha – ASID

Jose Drabwell - IPOPI

Jose Drabwell – IPOPI

Johan Prevot – IPOPI

Johan Prevot – IPOPI

Prof. Antonio Condino-Neto – LASID

Carla Duff – INGID

Richard Thompson

Richard Thompson – Immunodeficiency Canada

Vicki Modell - JMF

Vicki Modell – JMF

Dr. Francesco Espinosa – LASID

Dr. Isabelle Meyts – ESID

Adli Ali – SEAPID

Elena Hsieh – CIS

Dr Mehdi Adeli – ARAPID

Prof YL Lau – SEAPID