22nd-29th April 2021

World PI Week 2021 teaser videos now out!

The campaign for World PI Week 2021 is all about protecting and improving the lives of the millions of people living with primary immunodeficiency worldwide by supporting early diagnosis and access to care.

In two new teaser videos, patients and parents of children with PID from all over the world and all walks of life are featured:

  • Michael from Canada
  • Krissie (mother) from the United States
  • Vivian from Bolivia
  • Myriam from France
  • Maria from Morocco
  • Muhd (father) from Malaysia
  • Victoria from the United Kingdom
  • Xiao Xiong from China

In the first video, they discuss the themes of this year’s World PI Week, including: the need for the availability of plasma, the impacts of the treatments they have received, and the changes in quality of life before and after treatment.

In the second video, they reflect on the mental health impacts that can arise following a PI diagnosis and emotional aspects of living with a PID; and the importance of protecting those who are immune compromised.

Teaser 1:

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Teaser 2:

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Stay Tuned: one last video will be launched soon, featuring PID specialists and policymakers from different continents.